Operational Summary

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Located one mile from Eielson Air Force Base, OIT is easily accessible by rail or highway. Material is accepted at the facility by rail or by truck (end dump or side dumps).
OIT requires the client to verify the sampling and analytical procedures used by the client or the client's designated laboratory. The results of these tests will provide the basis for acceptance of the contaminated materials. Clients are required to certify that petroleum contaminated materials are non-RCRA or RCRA-exempt. Clients must complete an analysis form prior to material acceptance.
Thermal Treatment Equipment
OIT uses a proven high temperature thermal oxidizer that consistently remediates any level of hydrocarbon contamination, all while accomplishing superior clean up levels with air quality nearly five times cleaner than stringent ADEC regulations.
Lined Storage and Treatment Areas
With approximately two acres of lined storage and treatment areas, contaminated material is stored on site, placed on a membrane liner and, in accordance with ADEC guidelines, covered until treated.
Certified Truck Weigh Scale
The facility has a State of Alaska certified weigh scale to accurately invoice materials.
Monitoring Wells
OIT has installed a series of aquifer monitoring wells and has implemented a comprehensive well testing program. These measures facilitate continuous evaluation of the operation's performance.
A six-foot chain link fence completely secures all work areas, preventing animals and unauthorized personnel from coming in contact with materials and equipment.
Facility Management Plan
OIT operates under an ADEC approved Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Management Acceptance Plan and Health and Safety Plan for its trained workers.
Environmental Policy Statement
OIT is committed to excellence and leadership in protecting the environment. In keeping with this commitment, OIT works hard to minimize adverse impacts on the air, water and land through waste minimization and energy conservation.
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