The MaxiGrind 460G

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  • Cat 460 hp diesel engine, a self-loading grapple, chipper bits, several sets of screens.
  • Enclosed Grinding Chamber with a front triple curtain and a rear rubber discharge shield.
  • Water spray system for dust control.
  • Operator's platform with 34" x 51" (864 x 1295mm) forward sloping cab.
  • Hopper with large 5.3 cubic yard (4.05 m3) hopper capacity.
  • Hopper length: 10' (3.05 m)
  • Hopper charge height: 8'6" (2.59 m)
  • Push Ram Feeder: Rapid Ram semiautomatic hydraulic regenerations system, with adjustable speed.
  • Alloy steel rotor shaft with single rotor drum with four removable segments.
  • Support stands with 10,000 lbs. (4536kg) capacity.

Shredding Capabilities

Material Screen Product Size Material Utilization
Asphalt 2.25" round Typical asphalt
 aggregate size
Recycled asphalt products,
 road base, ditch repair
Shingles (new) 2" x 2.5" slotted
3.5" round
Up to 0.5" with
 trommel screen
Up to 2.5" w/o
 trommel screen
Asphalt plant, road bases,
 cool patch
Shingles (tear off) Round Same as above Asphalt plant, road bases,
 cool patch
Construction &
 demolition materials
6" round Up to 4" Landfill cover
Railroad ties Round Up to 4" Cogeneration fuel
Pallets 1.5" x 5.5 slotted
2" x 5.5" slotted
Up to 3" Cogeneration fuel,
 mulch, press board
Brush and small
 limbs (less than 6")
1.5" x 5.5 slotted
6" round
Up to 2.5"
Up to 6"
Compost mulch, sewage sludge,
 amendment, boiler fuel
Large wood (12"- 40") 1.5" x 5.5 slotted
2" x 5.5" slotted
Up to 2"
Up to 3.5"
Compost mulch, sewage sludge,
 amendment, boiler fuel
Lawn & garden 4.25" round
6" round
Up to 6" Composting
Household garbage 4.25" round
6" round
 for compost
Porcelain 1.5" round
2.25" round
3.25" round
As desired Pipe bedding, drainage cover
Red brick 2.25" round Up to 1.5" Landscaping, infield cover
Cinder blocks 2.5" round Up to 1.5" Cinder block base, aggregate
Gypsum & wall board 2" x 5.5" slotted Complete separation
 of paper from gypsum
Mix in compost
 as neutralizer
Auto tires 3" x 2" diamond
1" x 5" slotted
9" x 5" Strips
2" Chips
Cogeneration fuel,
 asphalt component
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