Acceptance Procedure

The following is a step-by-step guide through the material acceptance process:

  1. Proposal

    Before a client receives OIT's Waste Analysis and RCRA Exemption forms, a proposal is made by OIT, detailing Scope of Project, Price and Contract Provisions.

  2. Billing Information & Contract Acceptance Verification

    Once the client has reviewed and decided to accept the proposal, two sections on the second page, Acceptance and Billing Information, are completed by the client and sent via fax to (907) 488-4823.

  3. Material Characterization

    At this point the client or the client's consultant determines the necessary testing protocols for the material. If additional help is required to adequately characterize the material, OIT can suggest several third party consultants who can provide such services. OIT does not normally provide this service. Determination of RCRA Exemption is the client's responsibility. Download OIT's forms here:

  4. Approved Material Drop Off Release

    Once OIT has received the Waste Analysis and RCRA Exemption forms and the test results, and the soil is approved for remediation, OIT distributes the Approved Material Drop Off Release. This form prepares the crew at OIT's Moose Creek Facility for material acceptance. Without this form the client or the client's shipper will not be allowed onto the facility. If OIT arranges transportation, the client will receive a copy of this form, but OIT will route the form directly to the transporter.

  5. Certificate of Thermal Treatment

    After OIT has received and thermally remediated the soil, the client will receive a Certificate of Thermal Treatment.

Call OIT at (907) 488-4899 if you have any questions or comments about acceptance procedures.

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