What is OIT?

OIT Processing Site

Organic Incineration Technology, Inc. is a Fairbanks-based Alaskan corporation, formed to meet the in-state need for thermal treatment of non-hazardous petroleum contaminated soils, absorbent pads and sludges. OIT provides its clients a fully regulated, environmentally safe and cost effective method for storing, treating and disposing of materials contaminated with Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants (POL). In short, OIT is Petroleum Contaminated Waste Management Solutions for Alaskan Industry.

Process Schematic

These are some of the non-hazardous materials OIT accepts

Absorbent Booms IDW POL Paraffin POL Water
Absorbent pads Media Balls POL PPE Rail Cars
Antifreeze Absorbents Contaminated Fuels POL Rust Roll on/offs
POL Gravel On-spec used fuel POL Rust & Soil Supersacks
Drum Scale On-spec used oil POL Sand POL Snow
Used Antifreeze POL Floor Drain Sludge Ballast water Wash Bay Soil
Fish-totes POL Floor Dry POL Soil Drums
Hydraulic Oil
Contaminated soil
Non-asbestos POL
Sand trap sand
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